Conscious Leadership Incubator
For A Regenerative Business World

We take you by the hand to build a career and lifestyle
that truly lights you up and contributes to the regeneration of our planet.

Become a part of an inspiring community of conscious leaders
to lift each other up and shift to a life you don’t need a holiday from.

The INCUBATE course has been stirring and deeply moving! Thank you to Alixe, Jonathan and Ada, for your professional approach, inner knowledge, guidance and expertise. Very grateful! Lavinia, Participant Q1 2022

We recognize that true economic success only comes in the interplay with planetary purpose and personal fulfillment.

Therefore our community equips you with exactly the right tools, practices and guidance to make your meaningful business thrive while staying true to your values and well-being.

We offer online workshops, community gatherings, immersive nature retreats, podcasts, online courses and many other resources.

All to support you on your journey towards your meaningful business and well-being. We support you to unlearn and rewire old habits and concepts that are keeping you from living a truly regenerative life.

Who we are

If we as humanity want to evolve towards oneness, connectedness and a culture of love & compassion, the INCUBATE course definitely fosters our development. The ChangeBeings team facilitated this journey with passion, a transformational process design and great content. Summarizing, I highly recommend you to enter this container and deepen the journey to yourself and a regenerative life on earth.John Lack, Coach for Collective Transformation

“We incubate businesses and projects
that bring out the highest excitement in every ChangeBeing
and that are in service to building the new world.”

The Time Is Now – We Are The Ones We’ve Been Waiting For!

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