CLARITY Online Course

It is time to move towards a life you don’t need a vacation from!

This course supports you to reconnect with your passionidentify your zone of genius and define your purpose for being on this planet at this time.

Based on this clarity, you can consciously create the life that you don’t need a vacation from.

From Confusion to a Life of Purpose and Flow

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Module 1
Learning from
the Past

As children, we all had this infinite source of energy, curiosity and awe. And then life happened…
In order to reconnect with this universal life force, we need to reconnect with our passion and activate our sense of awe again.

Module 2
Learning from
the Present

We never tap into our zone of genius if we only spend our time on things that we’re good at or that others want us to do. The genius zone however is the only place where we come fully alive and where we have something truly unique to offer.

Module 3
Learning from
the Future

We find meaning in life and fulfill our purpose if we apply our genius to the challenges of the world. Here we not only live a life of excitement and flow, but we’re actually contributing where we’re needed most in the world and inspire others to do the same.

What others say about our past Courses

“The course has been stirring and deeply moving! Thank you to Alixe, Jonathan and Ada, for your professional approach, inner knowledge, guidance and expertise. Very grateful!”

– Lavinia, Participant INCUBATE Course

“This course was a very sweet yet profound way of opening up to myself in my professional life more, and therefore myself in general.
Thank you so much!”

– Rolien, Participant INCUBATE Course

“If we as humanity want to evolve towards oneness, connectedness and a culture of love & compassion, this course definitely fosters our development. The ChangeBeings team facilitated this journey with passion, a transformational process design and great content. Summarizing, I highly recommend you to enter this container and deepen the journey to yourself and a regenerative life on earth.”

– John, Participant INCUBATE Course

… instead of $99

CLARITY – Online Course

What we will cover

Module 1 – Learning from the Past

  • ☑ Introduction Module 1
  • ☑ Insight – Two Degree Change
  • ☑ Your Key Takeaway – Passion

Module 2 – Learning from the Present

  • ☑ Introduction Module 2
  • ☑ Insight – Zone of Genius
  • ☑ Your Key Takeaway – Genius

Module 3 – Learning from the Future

  • ☑ Introduction Module 3
  • ☑ Insight – Ikigai
  • ☑ Your Key Takeaway – Purpose

How we will guide you

We don’t teach you knowledge you can find in any book.
Instead of knowledge-based, the course is insight-based.

Simple example: Imagine you didn’t know and someone showed you that if you turn the water tab on the left side, warm water comes out. Try it! Once you got that, you’ll know it for the rest of your life!

This is how we guide you through the course!

Each module therefore consists of the following elements:

We teach you one key concept to create an insight that allows you to see your world differently.

We guide you to look at your life to reflect how the insight applies to your specific circumstances.

We give you one concrete “ChangeWork” to practice implementing the insight in the field and gather real data.

“Every creative knows what it’s like to stand alone.
And so creatives have this incredible ability that they find the confidence
to be able to find beauty and value in being part of a creative community
but also the courage to stand alone.”

Brené Brown

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Additional material to support your success

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    • ☞ a summary of the key concepts and the content
    • ☞ journaling questions
    • ☞ “ChangeWork” assignments
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  • ☑ exclusive audio and video recordings
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  • ☑ recorded meditations and guided practices

Your Investment

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