INCUBATE – A 4-Week Online Course

To seed your vision of a life
you don’t need a vacation from

We stand at a threshold of a magnificent dawning on this planet.

Many can feel it and despite increasing restrictions and a culture of fear and limitation, this is a marvelous opportunity to be an example of courage and leadership. We are called to stand up for what we want to create in this world and initiate ourselves into the next stage of maturity of our species. 

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This course has been stirring and deeply moving! Thank you to Alixe, Jonathan and Ada, for your professional approach, inner knowledge, guidance and expertise. Very grateful! Lavinia, Participant Q1 2022

This initiation starts with ourselves

How can we lead others, if we don’t lead ourselves?
How can we inspire others, when we are not inspired by our lives?
How can we create regenerative systems, if our own lives are not designed in a regenerative way?
How can we take ownership of our lives if we feel stuck?
How can we follow our inner guidance if we are disconnected?

In this 4 week interactive online course we guide and support you to live a life worth living. Are you ready to step into deeper personal leadership in integrity with your values and in alignment with your highest excitement. Are you ready to sincerely look at your life, transform what’s holding you back, get inspired with a purpose and take the first steps to embodying this vision? 

2022 will be a turning point for humanity. Against all odds we are going to rise as one global family.
If we choose to.
Do you?

If we as humanity want to evolve towards oneness, connectedness and a culture of love & compassion, this course definitely fosters our development. The ChangeBeings team facilitated this journey with passion, a transformational process design and great content. Summarizing, I highly recommend you to enter this container and deepen the journey to yourself and a regenerative life on earth.John Lack, Coach for Collective Transformation

Course Overview

  • Week 1 – DISCOVER  – Becoming present through honest & compassionate self-inquiry
  • Week 2 – TRANSFORM – Transforming obstacles into resources for your journey
  • Week 3 – INSPIRE – Rewriting your life filled with meaning, new possibilities and flow
  • Week 4 – IGNITE – Practicing the art of living a regenerative life

Each session was full of little surprises and moments of connection. By guiding us gently through exercises to look at our challenges, envision our futures and integrating it into our daily life, the team created a powerful transformational journey throughout the whole program. Thank you so much for your time and energy! I am very grateful for the last weeks with you ❤️Amrei Andrasch, Learning Experience Designer

Course Structure

Dates: 22.09.-13.10.2022 (every Thursday)
4:00pm – 6:00pm CEST (Central Europe) | 8:00am – 10:00am CT (Central Time, Costa Rica)

  • 4 interactive weekly live sessions – they will be recorded so you can watch anytime if you can’t make it 
    • teachings, tools and practices from our core team
    • interaction and exercises with other participants
    • tools, practices and inquiries for the coming week (changework)
  • Inspirational online community
    • shared inspiration (i.e. external teachers, theories)
    • mutual support, encouragement and exchange
    • guidance and coaching from core team
  • Additional elements
    • course page with all the materials and downloads
    • exclusive audio and video recordings
    • support materials and resources to deepen your inquiry and learning
    • individual coaching and support on request
    • recorded meditation or guided practices
    • weekly checkins with buddy
  • And much more…

Your Hosts

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INCUBATE is a course to dedicate time for yourself to reflect and become aware of what kind of life you want to live and get tools, experiences and impulses how to actually create this path and journey forward. And one of the best things is that you are no alone but in a community of like-minded people that you can explore and connect with.Annette, 'life artist', project manager and yoga instructor

Your Investment

We want to make this course accessible for as many people as possible. Therefore we chose a price that doesn’t reflect the tremendous – yes, life changing – value that we believe you’ll get from this course. Should money be the reason for you to hesitate to sign up, please get in touch and we’ll find a creative solution!

Beyond the financial investment, you need to plan in 2h per week for the online sessions, plus 30-120 minutes for the “ChangeWork” – weekly exercises and journaling questions we give you to work on on your own and with your buddy.

Your Registration

The course registration has not opened, yet.
You can sign up here to receive an email once we open our gates!

This course was a very sweet yet profound way of opening up to myself in my professional life more, and therefore myself in general. Thank you so much!Rolien, Participant Q1 2022

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