About ChangeBeings


We recognize that true economic success only comes in the interplay with planetary purpose and personal fulfillment.

Therefore our community equips you with exactly the right tools, practices and guidance to make your meaningful business thrive while staying true to your values and well-being.

We host deep personal and group transformational experiences that remind us of who we as ChangeBeings are. We explore why we are here and what living a fulfilling, aligned and healthy professional and personal life feels like.

From this we naturally create conscious businesses that are fully in service to the planet.

“We have a tendency to think in terms of doing and not in terms of being.
We think that when we’re not doing anything, we’re wasting our time.
But that’s not true. Our time is first of all for us to be. To be what?
To be alive, to be peaceful, to be joyful, to be loving.
And this is what the world needs the most.
We all need to train ourselves in our way of being,
and that is the ground for all action.
Our quality of being determines our quality of doing.”

– Thich Nhat Hanh

Background – our why

For those who are sensitive to it, it becomes more and more obvious: A massive shift is happening on this planet and despite media make-believe we’re not going back to normal – and that is a good thing! Normal never really worked for us anyways!

The changes ahead of us are so fundamental that many of us cannot comprehend the magnitude of the effect that they will have on our lives. Despite all the uncertainty, this is actually a massive opportunity for those who open themselves up to it, confront their fears and challenges head on and transform the situation from a reactive to a creative life.

One of the most important areas of our society to transform and re-invent is the business world, our economy and particularly our understanding of work. In the existing system for the majority of humans, work is a necessary evil: We sell our precious life time doing mundane or even soul crushing tasks for the vision (and bank account) of someone else in order to earn money in order to secure our own survival in the monetary based economy.    

Next to this modern day slavery and our consensual deprivation of freedom the biggest crime of capitalism is to make us believe that we are exchangeable, expendable, replaceable and not really needed in this world as the unique being we are. If we don’t have anything of value to offer to the great machine, then at best we are at the mercy of the social welfare system.

This is one of the biggest lies and deceptions of capitalism. We are all needed for what is ahead of us. We all carry a piece of the puzzle, we all have unique gifts to give and we are worthy of love, respect and the basic material needs for living just by being alive. 

How do we find these gifts? Since many of us have been conditioned and socialized to work in a way that we fit in the neatly defined boxes of society and the market economy, it is first a process of unlearning, of coming back to ourselves and getting more intimate with who we are and what we actually want deep within ourselves, free from the expectations from others. 

The first practice for ChangeBeings is to only do what we are truly excited about – even if that means to not do anything for quite a while – until an authentic impulse arises. You’ll notice it by the sense of aliveness in your body, by the resonance of your soul. 

Now imagine, what would a life look like, where you only acted on your highest excitement, from moment to moment – especially in the work context?

The second practice for ChangeBeings is to put ourselves entirely in service to life. It is not so much about our individual purpose, it is about where life calls us to serve. And one of the biggest tasks ahead of us is to regenerate the beauty of our blue planet. We start with ourselves. How can we create a regenerative life that is beyond sustainable, that we don’t ever need a holiday from again. Our personal healing journey is the first step to regenerate what has been depleted. By healing ourselves, we heal the earth: we are the earth.  

As ChangeBeings we practice what we preach. We are living examples, an embodied prayer of the world we want to live in and a testament to what we value and believe to be true, good and beautiful. By living into our highest selves, we set examples and radiate a frequency that inspires others. We are aware of our responsibility to be the happiest version of ourselves and become examples of embodied hope for others. 

We are convinced that the connection between truly living according to your highest excitement and thriving economically is not contradicting, but interrelated: one leads to the other. We therefore use the power of business, entrepreneurship, innovation, co-creation and leadership to bring heaven on earth for everyone and every being.

We won’t stop until all beings are happy and free. Through conscious business we prove Khalil Gibran’s words: work is love made visible.